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Slide 'N Tractor is a top-down shooter with cool twist. The player is tasked with defeating all of the enemy hordes in a single level, surviving until the timer runs out. On regular ground the player moves quite slowly and can't survive well, however, the projectiles with which you shoot the enemies have a second purpose: they form large trails that the player can swiftly move across. Surviving the level while balancing shooting the enemies and moving across your trails is key to a succesful run.

Note: the game in its current state serves as more of a prototype. The idea ended up being a bit over-scoped when it comes to creation of certain systems and game balancing, and we did not have time to implement much in the way of UI, enemy collision or audiovisual feedback. However, at least the basics and core gameplay are in there, and I hope those at least serve to show the idea! 


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Download, unzip and play!


SlideNTractor.zip 461 MB

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